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Our Modules.

AppareloOneErp™ covers all the modules from buyer inquiry to export, with all relevant forms and procedures that are warranted by the management, statutory bodies, and government formalities. The whole product is developed in real-time apparel manufacturing environment over 10 years considering all possible process flow calculations. A software solution is not a product sale and hence it requires constant support throughout the life cycle of the company.
Contact us for a live demonstration of the AppareloOneErp™ , and one of our helpful Consultants will give you a complete tour of the product right from an Enquiry to Shipment.




Buyer Order

Time & Action

Budget, Procurement & Approval

Raw Material Planning

Inventory & Quality Control

Production Management

Production Planning & Control

Sales Order Export Documentation

Management Information Systems

HR & Payroll

Live Chat

Features and Benefits.

  • Browser-based, supports anytime anywhere access.
  • Workflow-driven, enabling collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Flexible approval workflow including multi-level approvals.
  • Easy viewing of the flow of an order promotes accountability and helps identify and rectify organizational bottleneck. Built-in Escalations-higher authorities notified on delays.
  • Business parameters driven design that facilitates easy customization.Real-time data availability.
  • Ability to define & implement a procurement budget for an order and to view budget vs.actual at any time.
  • Adaptable by smaller single location as well as larger geographically diverse enterprises
  • Ability to track all buyer approvals required along with record of submissions made.
  • Financial impact of changes in specifications and business transactions reflected real-time in books of accounts.
  • Focus on order profitability
  • Extensive costing module.
  • Set budgets for an order.
  • Control expenditure within budget.
  • Capture marker level fabric consumption through order life cycle.

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R & D

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