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ApparelOneErp specializes in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management for the apparel industries. ApparelOneErp can assist with increasing capacity by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, reducing costs, increasing flexibility, better control over inventory, and increasing performance, through selection and implementation of the right manufacturing or distribution strategy and ERP system for your company.

ApparelOneErp will assign a Domain Expert (SUPPORT ENGINEER) to your company. All our SUPPORT ENGINEERs have an apparel industry and/or software (ERP) knowledge. This means that our SUPPORT ENGINEER will speak your language and understand your business concerns. We would like you to consider our SUPPORT ENGINEER to be your internal advocate within ApparelOneErp. Our SUPPORT ENGINEER’s role will start out as a project leader during your implementation of the ApparelOneErp system. As our relationship develops, our SUPPORT ENGINEER will act as our primary liaison to your company. 

ApparelOneErp recognizes that your company is unique and that our staff needs to understand the way your company operates to ensure that you will obtain the maximum benefit from the ApparelOneErp software. To accomplish this, our SUPPORT ENGINEER will conduct some individualized implementation assistance meetings with your staff. You should allow approximately a hour for each meeting. During this all-important first meeting, we will plan your implementation, coordinate our training schedules, review your form requirements, etc. Essentially this meeting is a marriage between you and your new business system. After this meeting, and throughout your training, our SUPPORT ENGINEER will be following up with your staff regularly by e-mail and phone, addressing questions and concerns as they arise. Occasionally our SUPPORT ENGINEER will dial in to your system to review the progress of the data set-up to ensure it is being done in a correct and timely manner. As a group, we will also review the status of your implementation during our weekly operations meeting.

The subsequent implementation meetings are usually held at your location at the time you start invoicing live on the ApparelOneErp system. While it’s not always necessary, we have found that having our expert on-site at this time goes a long way towards relieving the anxiety that is a natural part of any system implementation. The third meeting is also held at your location and is intended to serve as a “handholding” opportunity to ensure your staff is using the system appropriately. By including unlimited telephone support and assistance, we have found that this three-step approach works very well for most customers. For those customers that would like some additional on-site assistance, we are pleased to offer additional implementation and training for 4 more weeks.

ApparelOneErp offers a customer satisfaction survey, during our implementation and training every day end of the session our support engineer used to give a survey form to the user’s and they request them to write the feed back about the session, if the users feel that they are not comfortable with the training the same module would be repeated with our domain experts till they get well trained.


ApparelOneErp has a great deal of experience in implementing our system in a wide variety of companies and situations. Most new customers prefer to follow our well established, cost effective implementation plan that typically takes only 10 to 12 weeks from the time you receive your hardware and begin training until you are running? live? on our base system. We can also be very flexible when it comes to special requirements and have literally had customers up and running overnight, sometimes even working out of our office and using our computers. Naturally, some additional service charges may be applied by other ERP’s but we (ApparelOneErp) don’t do that.



Ours goal is to create innovative, world-class software solutions that match the international quality standards. We adopted a strong quality culture encouraging continuous quality improvement and process innovation for accomplishment. Our testing methodologies flow from unit level to system level. We ensure this through various test procedures including Top-down Testing, Bottom-up Testing, Unit and System Integration testing. Our effective software project management focuses on people, problem and process, the order is not arbitrary.


“Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get.” -Nelson Boswell

In today’s customer-driven economy, companies can only stay ahead by providing superior service in addition to a superior range of offerings. ApparelOneErp is well aware of the fact that customers stay with the company that goes the extra mile in providing support. 24 x 7 is a promise made by most companies today but followed by very few.

Unlike others, ApparelOneErp is equipped to carry the 24 x 7 promise through. With a highly efficient team of engineers, trained to trouble shoot and handle any unexpected problems that customers might face, customers not only believe in our solutions for their business, but also in our service and support.

ApparelOneErp understands the global environment of Fashion. Multiple offices across various locations…all using ApparelOneErp solutions for their business needs. The ApparelOneErp 24 x 7 support is our ability to provide support across continents and differing time zones.

We know your business never sleeps- Why should we?

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